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Seip garage door operator

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Seip TM60 garage door operator

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name:     J. Kirkland, Ayrshire
Date:      22/07/2014


Delivery was fast and on time.   Seip TM80 operator now in use for 2 weeks, great improvement on old my DuraLift.  Much neater, smoother and quieter.  Installation was straight forward and a one man [73yrs] job.  During 'set up' I only set the up down limits,  left all else on factory settings which are fine.  Only complaint was the small size of print and diagrams on the manufacturers operator and assembly manuals.   I'm glad I took Amourelle's  advice

name: Mike G. North Devon.
Date: 02/02/2010


Have just fitted a Seip TS100 electric operator to my old-fashion 18 foot wide heavy metal garage door (Garador) The product was extremely easy to fit with Amourelle's excellent instructions and a friendly voice at the end of the phone to answer my questions.   I emailed Amourelle before ordering to ask which model they suggested and placed my order on a Sunday and received an e-mail reply within the the hour to  arrange the delivery date (Tuesday) which was second to none. (the only problem was that the courier firm could not get to us due to the snow & ice for a week)   My door is working well, it took me five hours to install including electric wiring, I am only an average DIY installer.  I would recommend this company and Seip products to anybody.

name:  Craig B, Caversham, Berkshire.
Date:   29/10/2008


Just wanted to say a big thanks to Nick and Richard for supplying and fitting a SEIP TS75 door operator today. The whole process from booking to completion was trouble free and the quality of the product is fully as described.  Nick and Richard did a great job at getting the work done quickly and efficiently and were a pleasure to deal with. Thanks

name:  David A, Fleet, Hampshire.
Date:   29/09/2008


Nick converted our garage doors from vertical to horizontal tracks and installed 2 SEIP TM60 operators.  The SEIP TM60 units are excellent, very smooth and very quiet, they also look good.  The remote controls are perfectly sized to attach to a key ring.  Very happy with the SEIP units  Every communication with Nick has been incredibly prompt and very detailed, which inspired total confidence.  The fitting service was quick and efficient.  We could not be more happy with the service we received and our automated garage doors, it has given the garage a new lease of life.  I would highly recommend the SEIP operators and Nick's service.

name: Jeff V, East Yorks (formerly of S Yorks)
Date: 12/08/2008


Amourelle are wonderfully efficient and helpful.  Last year, they supplied me with new garage door gear (and, subsequently, automation) with detailed D.I.Y. instructions, and later offered very helpful tips by telephone, at my time of need!  Today, they sent me a garage door opening pushbutton, which arrived at my door less than 17 hours after I ordered it.  Tell me of any other company that can beat that!

name: Anne T
Date: 19/06/2007


I ordered a new Garage door operator on Thursday received it on Friday and it was fitted and working perfectly by Saturday. Thanks again for all your help. The instructions you included were so easy to follow and everything that we needed to install the operator were included to. Thanks again for a first class service.

name: Ian H, Preston, Lancs.
Date: 11/02/2007


Buy from here, I never needed any support as the Seip TS75 electric operator was so easy to install but I am sure if needed it would have been equally as good as the pre and post sales support given by Nick. The opener is great, wife wished she let me have one 3 years ago when I initially wanted it (especially as its only her car going into the garage so no more getting wet in the rain) Installation was easy, especially with the additional notes and goody pack supplied - in fact the additional notes supplied with the Securi-Dor automatic locking system resolved a problem we've had with our garage door for the last 3 years since house was built, in that you had to pull hard on bottom of door or close fast to get bottom latches to engage. - Nicks note of ensuring top rollers were not taking the weight when the door is closed (as this can make latching difficult) led me to make a minor adjustment so that the door closed perfectly everytime - something the builder/door installer could not get right. Once installed the set up was easy, adjusting limit switches for range of movement was simple and then the 'self learning' cycle it goes through automatically ensures a smooth operation. My thanks to Amourelle for being a pleasure to deal with.

name: R. A. Blunt,  Grange Farm,  Stanhoe, Norfolk
Date: 06/08/2006


Thank you very much for the advice you gave me during the purchase, delivery and installation of the Seip automatic garage door operator.  You made it so very easy.  The despatch and parcel tracking was superb.  It was delivered within 5 minutes of the stated time.   The actual assembly and fitting was very simple following the clear instructions included in the pack.  Your help in setting up the programming of the opening and closing cycle was excellent, especially as it was 6.30 pm.  You could hear over the telephone exactly what was going on and explained what to do.  It is now working very well, even to the emergency release device, which I had to use the other day during a power cut!    Many thanks again.  Best regards Robin

name: P Burford, Dundee
Date: 28/04/2005


I e-mailed an enquiry to Amourelle on Mon AM, received an immediate response. Telephoned at 1-45 pm to clarify details since my sectional type door is a 'tall' one. Ordered a Seip TS75 electric operator on-line at 1-50pm and it was delivered by courier at noon Tuesday.  A really first class service by any standard.  I started the installation Wednesday mid afternoon and the system was up and running by tea time, it works just as it says on the tin.  A first class product, very smooth and quiet. Thank you Amourelle for your excellent service and help I will definitely recommend you to my friends.

name: Dale N
Date: 18/04/2005


Arrived quickly, was straight-forward to assemble and fit. A call to assist on the electronics set up, got a guided walkthrough which took less than 15 minutes. A great help. I now have a fully functional quiet (the last one wasn't) automated garage door.

name: Adrian S, West Sussex
Date: 25/03/2005


I recently fitted a SEIP TS100 heavy duty double door operator plus a Securi-Dor AP2000 automatic security locking kit from Amourelle. Both are excellent products, easy to order, first class professional service and with a little help over the phone from Nick I was able to install and have up and running in about 3 hours which included fixing some timber framing supported from the pitched roof to support the operator. It is very smooth and quiet - I can't understand why I didn't get one of these years ago! Have now introduced a friend to the same 'luxury'.

name: Jeff V; Doncaster, S. Yorks
Date: 23/03/2005


I was disappointed when a local garage door company informed me that my (Garador) garage doors could not be motorised, and that I would need to replace them if I wanted remote controlled operation. However, I need not have worried; I found Amourelle's website and everything else was child's play. I ordered two sets of replacement door gear, which took me about six hours to fit (i.e. total time for TWO doors). It is wonderful quality gear, and you don't need a degree in rocket science to fit it. Then I ordered two Seip TM60 remote controlled electric operators; again, excellent equipment which was straight forward to fit and is wonderfully effective. I encountered a couple of minor problems along the way (with my particular installation, not with the equipment) and a phone call to Nick at Amourelle had it all sorted in seconds. Amourelle's equipment, prompt delivery and customer service are second to none. It is refreshing to find a company with such 'old fashioned' customer value!

name: Tony M - Newick, East Sussex
Date: 17/01/2005


Just finished installing a Seip TS75 door operator with a Securi-Dor AP2000 locking mechanism to my 20 year old steel Garador. Very prompt delivery especially extra pair of replacement springs. Product exceeded my expectations - reasonably easy to install especially with the telephone advice. Super product, super firm. keep up the good work -  Customer satisfaction is a major key for successful business.

name: Mark, Norfolk


I have now fitted two Seip TS75 door operators.  Both went in very easily and fitting was a pleasure. I changed the wall switches to a MK modular unit to combine the two switches into one to match my light switch, and had to extend the supporting brackets as our garage roof is overly high. Despite this installation was easy (especially as the Cardale doors had bolt holes at exactly the right place - either good design or good fortune!  The only thing that took time was running a spur to the roof for a 13A power point by each motor - nothing Amourelle could do to make that any easier, otherwise each TS75 operator went up in about 2 hours. Both work well and the remote controls are very effective - even working from in the kitchen at the other end of the house from the garage. Thank you for great products, great instructions and great service.

name: Ernie F, New Romney, Kent
Date: 20/12/2004


I placed an order for a TS75 around 12.00 noon, had it confirmed about an hour later. It arrived the following morning, and was mostly fitted by the afternoon. Fitting completed the next day, and it has now been working perfectly for five days. I am very impressed with it's robust construction and efficiency. I am so pleased I found Amourelle on the web, and was able to replace my old inefficient operator so quickly. A very good service!

name: Peter R, Cambridgeshire
Date: 04/07/2004


I've just completed the fitting of a Seip TS75 and Securi-Dor AP2000 locking device to my Henderson door. Having never fitted a garage door opener I was slightly concerned that I could tackle the job successfully. However, having spoken to Nick and his wife I proceeded, and completed the job single handed last Saturday - all that's needed is an average DIY competency! Nick really does provide an online and telephone help service. I had to ring him a couple of times during installation, and he was most helpful. I was initially a little hesitant about not fitting a 'proprietary' brand unit, but the Seip product is excellent quality, and Amourelle provide a first class service.

name: Andy K, Bristol (but the door's in Northampton!)
Date: 03/07/2004


I upgraded a 30-year old Westland double door and fitted Seip TS75 electric operator to make life easier for my 76-year-old mum, who'd struggled with the manual door. The instructions were really clear, but it was Nick's hugely helpful approach before we bought that clinched the deal. Despite a few minor hiccoughs with the upgrade (all down to the slightly unusual siting of the old door), I managed the changeover in two and a half days, with one person's help on one day. My mum's absolutely delighted and the envy of most of her neighbours! She'd been quoted over 1000 to replace the door (although there's nothing wrong with it), plus extra to automate it; Amourelle's package did the whole job for less than 700.

name: Malcolm C - Fleet
Date: 23/06/2004


First Class Service. Conversion of our old Garador double door was carried out very professionally - on time and we are very pleased with the SeipTS75 remote controlled operating system. Would have no hesitation in recommending Amourelle.

name: Geoff C, Cumbria
Date: 11/04/2004


Very efficient service from Amourelle. Clear and understandable website, easy to order and delivery fast. Purchased a Seip model TS75 to replace an expired old Catnic Garador electric operator which was noisy and tended to slam the double garage door shut. Instructions and packaging are very good and easy to follow and to locate the various components. DIY removal of the old operator and installation and commissioning of the new Seip unit took less than 9 hours with no 'hic-cups' Installation was as smooth as the operator functions. Soft Start/Stop function is great, as is the quiet operation. The Mini key fobs are great for the car key ring, and work very well. Great service and a great door operator. Thank you.

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name: Steve T, Gorleston, Norfolk
Date: 09/04/2004


An electrical engineer by profession. I could see how the associated paperwork and instructions might be daunting to less practical people. However, a SEIP electric operator and Amourelle's patented Securi-Dor AP2000 automatic locking system were all fitted and commissioned within a day. Because of the straightforwardness of the instructions, and Nick's ability to exchange JPEGS with ourselves on detailed installation. A picture not only tells a thousand words, but its also handy to have the expert 'on tap!'

name: Nick R, Bexhill-on-Sea, East Sussex
Date: 08/04/2004


I have just finished installing a Seip TS75 garage door operator to my Hormann double door this very morning. I did the whole job myself in a couple of evenings including the installation of the Securi-Dor AP2000 automatic security locking device. (with Nick's help in 2 or 3 phone calls) Amourelle provide a first class service with great attention to detail. Well done !

name: Paul K, Esher
Date: 08/04/2004


Just fitted a Seip TS75 and Securi-Dor AP2000 automatic multi-point security locking system to my 20+ year old double steel Garador and wish I had done it a long time ago. Superb quality, excellent instructions, informative website and the help and advice was second to none. Amourelle will be my choice for any future purchases

name: Jim P, Milngavie, Scotland
Date: 08/04/2004


After splendid advice from Amourelle a Seip TS75 arrived to replace the aged Henderson 800 operator (which had clanged the door closed far too hard one last time after over 20 years work!) DIY installation was reasonably straightforward and together with serious overhaul adjustments and part replacements to the double door, was completed in 1.5 days - single handed! We are very impressed with the Seip TS75 electric door operator and its extended features - silent running, no clanging! Top marks for the web site and the friendly, polite and competent technical advice.

name: Steve R, Formby, Lancs.
Date: 08/04/2004


Just completed fitting a Seip TS75 electric operator, excellent construction, easy to align, just follow the comprehensive instructions, and best of all no more pulled back muscles lifting the garage door by hand ! A 1st rate company who understands the customer -- Recommended

name: Jim R, Basingstoke, Hants. 
Date: 08/04/2004


When my original garage door operator went Kaput!!!. no amount of searching could find an identical replacement. but 'Amourelle' came to the rescue. Not only a replacement, but in my view a replacement of far superior quality. The item in question, a 'SEIP TS 75 operator and a couple of keyfob controllers. Nick himself did the installation work on our double garage door, in and out just like 'Flash Gordon'. A lovely job which included a maintenance check on our existing garage door mechanism. I know my recommendation is a little late coming - just my own laziness - the job was completed back in in May 2003. The Seip TS75 operator is so whisper quiet that I often have to look twice to make sure the door is working. First class service, and very quick response. Well done Nick and the rest of the team.

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