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Seip radio receiver upgrade system

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Seip EKR1MCG receiver & keyfob transmitter kit
(shown with mini & midi keyfobs)

German Quality at
your Fingertips !

Name: Michael B, Sutton Coldfield, West Midlands.
Date:  06/05/2016
Comments: Superb service and kit. It literally took a couple of minutes to fit and it works great. Thank you APL. I now have a remotely operating garage door again after months without it.

Name: Ivan M, Henfield, West Sussex
Date:  02/12/2015
Comments: This must be the most straight forward bit of kit to install/fit.
Stick the receiver to the unit and connect three wires to terminals 1,2 and 3.
So now I have for my original Slave-dor garage drive unit one push button switch and two receiver switches in parallel.  I live in hope of one day finding the missing remote  switch lost 2 years ago for the 173MHz unit.  For this reason I bought the larger midi switch. It is bigger to find.  Delivery brilliant free second class post ordered Sunday arrived Tuesday morning. 
Cost is perhaps high when you could buy a two channel unit for both garages and  run wires to push switches.  However it is perfect for siting and appears to be of sound design and build so in my view well worth the money.  5p could probably be saved on the screwdriver since screws fixed 26 years ago needed a larger screwdriver to undo. 

Name: Watts,  Pontypool, Wales.
Date:  10/11/2015
Item_Purchased: Seip EKR1MCGEF 24v radio receiver and mini keyfob.
Comments: Excellent service! Good website with plenty of guidance.  Excellent product (replacement radio receiver) - much better than others I've seen on the web (some need own 12 or 24v power supply rather than integrating into existing door opener supply); Excellent delivery service (next day); Thorough installation instructions - completed fitting and testing in less than 5 minutes - and to cap it all - the key fob transmitter has a much better range than the old transmitters.

Name: Paul C, Bexhill On Sea, East Sussex
Date:  07/05/2015
Item_Purchased: Seip EKR1MCGEF 24v Receiver & Mini key Fob
Comments: Brilliant, just brilliant! You claim 5 minutes to fit. Rubbish, 2 minutes! I can now operate my door from the next county.  Have got rid of the brick I previously used, and have a controller the size of a big thumb, what's not to like?

Name:       Roger,  Burbage, Warkwickshire
Date:       04/10/2013
Item_Purchased: Seip EKR1MCG remote control upgrade for a Stanley garage door operator
Comments: Does what it says on the tin, very easy to fit, even for me with two left hands! Good polite service. Very pleased.

Name:       Colin B, Cambridge
Date:       09/03/2013
Item_Purchased: Seip 24 V radio receiver upgrade for a Stanley garage door operator
Comments: Excellent product and service. Ordered after the 4pm deadline but still received the following morning. Fitted in less than the 5 minutes quoted.

Name:   David J, Denbighshire
Date:           23/07/2012
Item_Purchased: Seip 24 V radio receiver unit & keyfob transmitters
Comments: Reading previous comments before purchase such as "fitted in 5 minutes with no problems", Oh yes I thought nothing ever goes that straight forward.  In this case I can confirm ordered one day delivered next morning and yes fitted to my for use with a Wessex Liftboy door operator under 5 minutes and yes no problems at all. Delighted.

Name:  Michael S, Swindon, Wilts.
Date:           21/07/2012
Item_Purchased: Seip EKR1MCG 24v radio upgrade
Comments: Have just fitted the Seip EKR1MCG upgrade receiver to my Seip 77M It was so easy to fit, my local supplier quoted 245 to do this job or 480 for a new operator. The range is quite remarkable also. Many thanks

Name:  Jeff W, Kent.
Date:           20/07/2012
Item_Purchased: Seip EKR1MCG 24v radio upgrade kit for use with a Stanley door operator
Comments: I ordered the EKR1MCG 24V receiver unit online after midnight on a Monday evening and it was delivered Wednesday morning and I fitted it that afternoon. Quite an achievement for me as I'm useless at fitting anything! Great product and great service!

Name:  John G, Grays, Essex
Date:           06/07/2012
Item_Purchased: Seip EKR1MCG 24v radio receiver keyfob upgrade kit for use with a Henderson operator
Ordered 3:30pm, Despatched 4:00pm, Received 10:00am, Installed 11:00am. Excellent service and excellent no fuss product. Even the key fobs were pre-programmed for the receiver, nice touch. Simple to install on Henderson H90E with good range on fobs. I hate to say it but another satisfied customer!

Name:    Les B, Newcastle upon Tyne
date:           16/06/2012
Item_Purchased: Seip EKR1MCG 24v radio receiver unit, two Seip oval MIDI transmitter and one Seip MINI keyfob transmitter.
Comments: I ordered a replacement receiver and transmitters for our old Henderson 880 garage door operator.  Two of three old transmitters had given up the ghost and I was advised that we needed to replace the whole system as new transmitters of this frequency were no longer available.  I was a little sceptical as to the compatibility and ease of fitting of the Seip unit but I can confirm that it took only 5 minutes.  The unit works as advertised with the old receiver in place so the one remaining transmitter can be retained.  The new transmitters were programmed to work with the new receivers prior to despatch and everything works perfectly.  Delivery was free and within 36 hours of placing the order and prices were extremely competitive.  A very satisfied customer.

Name:   John H, North Somerset         
Date:           30/05/2012
Item_Purchased: Replacement garage door receiver & remote transmitter
Comments: How refreshing - I ordered the Seip universal remote control upgrade kit for my Slave-Dor electric door operator on Monday, it arrived Tuesday and the fitting was as easy as the instructions and the feedback said it would be. If you need a replacement receiver & transmitter this is the one to get.

Name:  Mike E, Harlow, Essex  
Date:           12/11/2011
Item_Purchased: Seip EKR1MCG 24v radio receiver upgrade kit & keyfob.
Comments:  I fitted this to a Liftboy GB1 garage door operator. Wonderful piece of kit, I would recommend it to anyone, took about 10 minutes to install, so easy.

Name:  Ruth P, Norwich
Date:           01/11/2011
Item_Purchased: Seip EKR1MCG 24v radio receiver upgrade kit & keyfobs
Comments: I spent a week trying to source a replacement for my garage door fob and eventually gave in and ordered the new transmitter and two fobs from you yesterday at a cost of 125. The door manufacturer eventually came back to me confirming they could supply a fob but they were 85 each. I decided to stick with your kit. It arrived this morning and the only reason it took me longer than five minutes to install was due to my shortnesses (height, eyesight and light). It actually took me 20 minutes but worked like a dream first time. I'm chuffed. Thank you.

Name:   Jean H, Hailsham, East Sussex.
Date:           29/09/2011
Item_Purchased: Seip EKR1MCG radio receiver & keyfob upgrade kit
Comments: Delighted with my purchase of radio receiver and remote for my old Challenger garage door operator. It works a treat.  So simple to install - thank you.

Name:   Jose L, Bilbao, Spain.          
Date:           26/09/2011
Item_Purchased: Seip EKR1MCG Receiver, mini keyfobs & wireless wall switch
Comments:  Me and my Hormann Supramatic S would like to thank you for providing great product and great service, especially considering that I'm an overseas customer from Spain. Asked at a local dealer for similar service and costs were disappointing. APL to the rescue, new radio receiver fitted within less than 5 minutes, took me longer to find the ladder...Love the wireless wall switch and the mini keyfobs.  Highly recommended for Hormann operators with old remotes! A pleasure to do business with!!

Name:   D Williams, Surrey.    
Date:           08/09/2011
Item_Purchased: Seip EKR1MCT 230 volt receiver unit & 2 x mini keyfob transmitters.
Comments:  I ordered the goods yesterday.  They arrived today, fitted in 5 mins. and worked straight away. I was amazed that it was so simple - didn't trust the other feedback and thought it would take hours but it doesn't.  Hassle free life - as no longer need to jump out of car, go into house, switch alarm off, open internal garage door jump back in car etc!! Winter will be so much easier!

Name:   Gerry G, Paignton, Devon
Date:           11/07/2011
Item_Purchased: Seip EKR1MCG 24v radio receiver upgrade kit & keyfobs
Comments: I have tried for many months to get a remote for my Wessex Liftboy garage door operator, tried all garage door suppliers, all said no chance, cheapest quote to replace system 300 plus up to 1600, found APL on the computer, thought to good to be true, so I sent for a receiver unit and transmitter all for under 90, yes it took 5mins to fit works brilliant I am over the moon, would recommend APL, very quick delivery, after sales also brilliant, I am a very satisfied customer.

Name:   David P. Epsom, Surrey
Date:           06/07/2011
Item_Purchased: Seip EKR1MCG 24v radio receiver unit and 2x Seip SKRJ433 MINI keyfob transmitters
Comments: I had a problem with the remote operation on my roller type garage door. After searching the internet I found the APL web site and ordered the Seip EKR1MCG receiver with 2 mini keyfob transmitters. The goods arrived promptly as described a couple of days later (good as they were ordered on a Sunday) After fitting (which took no more than 10mins from unscrewing the first screw from the control box to screwing the last one in) the garage door was working as good as new.

Name:  Margaret H, Tenbury Wells
Date:           04/06/2011

Fantastic Service.  Seip EKR1MCG upgrade kit ordered on Sunday, despatched on Monday, delivered Tuesday and fitted in 5 minutes. Simple clear instructions. I now feel confident that my Garador will no longer close of its own accord and hit me on the head again. What a pleasure it is to press the neat and positive remote control and hear the satisfying sound of the door going up!!!  I have waited months to find a solution and can recommend Amourelle to everyone.

Name:   AC Sheldon, Streatley, Berkshire.
Date:           23/04/2011

Comments: Brilliant!  Purchased a Seip EKR1MCG 24v radio receiver and two key fob remotes.  We were told elsewhere that we would have to replace the entire unit as the remotes were no longer available.  This is a fantastic, quick and easy solution.  Nick guided us through the process and it was just as easy as he said it would be.

Name:   Peter R,  Dorset
Date:           29/03/2011

Comments:  Purchased: Seip EKR1MCG 24v radio receiver upgrade & keyfob transmitters.  I wish that other companies were as efficient as APL Parts ordered Seip EKR1MCG24 radio receiver and Seip Mini keyfob transmitter type SKRJ433 these parts were ordered after 5pm on Sunday they were Despatched on Monday morning I received them on Tuesday morning and it was fitted in 4minutes.  Well done APL

Name:  James T, Sevenoaks, Kent.
Date:           15/02/2011
Comments: The local garage door company quoted 320 to install a new receiver. I ordered a Seip EKR1MCG radio receiver & transmitters from APL for about a third of the price. the system arrived the following day, and it took five minutes to fit thanks to the very clear instructions provided online. The range is so much better than before. A great upgrade and a great service.

Name:  John M, Nottingham
Date:           02/02/2011

Purchased a Seip EKR1MCG 24v radio receiver unit and keyfob transmitters.
Thank you for the great product and service. Ordered Friday afternoon, delivered Saturday morning, fitted to a Lift-Boy operator in 5 minutes as you claim! Great stuff! - John Murray.

Name:   Jim G, East Dunbartonshire.
Date:           16/11/2010

Ordered a Seip EKR1MCT 230v remote control upgrade kit for a Merlin transmitter that is no longer available.  In fairness I was a bit dubious about the comments on the website stating it would only take 5 mins to fit.  I was wrong, so simple to fit with easy online instructions as to the terminals to be connected.  Delighted to find this site and the ease of use.  Thanks.

Name:  R. Box, Chard, Somerset.
Date:           26/10/2010
Comments:  Excellent, Seip EKR1MCG receiver upgrade system fitted in 5 mins. Worked first time with my Catmatic door opener system.  I used the wiring diagram for the Slave-Dor shown (click on the diagram for a larger printable view).  Screw driver too small for job but it will come in useful for other applications. 

Name:   Richard C, near Bingley, West Yorkshire
Date:           25/10/2010

Excellent customer service - very helpful and responsive - I would highly recommend.  I ordered a Seip 24v radio receiver upgrade kit and some transmitters on the Sunday via the website and they arrived first thing Tuesday. I had a problem with getting the receiver working with my garage door motor unit so I called Amourelle for assistance - very quickly we identified that the voltage output on my garage door unit was not compatible with the receiver that I had ordered. I sent the unit back and Amourelle sent me a suitable receiver unit that worked fine - took me 5 minutes to fit and get everything working. Thank you Amourelle.

Name:  John W - Plymouth, Devon
Date:           30/09/2010

Ordered a Seip EKR1MCG receiver unit and 3x SKRJ433 mini fobs for use with my Hormann garage door operator. Goods were despatched by Royal Mail Special Delivery next-day service - fitted in 5 minutes! Works perfectly. Tiny fob fits on car key-ring. Delighted.

visitor_name:  Kenneth L, Walsall, West Midlands.
Date:           10/09/2010

My original garage door remotes stopped working so I ordered Seip EKR1MCG 24v radio receiver upgrade and on fitting found it was not working properly. After discussing the problem with Amourelle who suggested various possible causes I found that the signal was being 'jammed'  by my remote door bell button which was stuck in, I released the door bell button and then the garage door remote worked well. Thank you for the good advice and the service.

visitor_name:   D. Cookson, Poole, Dorset.
Date:           27/08/2010

I ordered a Seip receiver unit and two mini keyfob transmitters to upgrade my aging Lift-Boy garage door operator. I specified 2nd class post but the packet arrived the next morning and I was amazed by the compact size of the receiver. It was fitted literally within five minutes and works like a charm, replacing the huge remotes we had to carry previously. I'm very impressed with the product which is beautifully made, simple to install, and has much greater range than before.  Thanks for great service!

visitor_name:   Bill, Milton Keynes, Bucks.
Date:           12/08/2010

What brilliant service.  My old Slave Dor remote control started playing up at the week-end.  I found your website on Monday, checked back home that evening and then ordered the replacement Seip EKR1MCG 24v radio receiver & keyfob upgrade on Tuesday.  It arrived Wednesday.  It will be fitted Thursday with the instructions you provide.  By Friday all will be well again.  You cannot beat that for service.  Well done and Thank You.

visitor_name: Dan G, Jersey, C.I.
Date: 07/08/2010

Wow! A well-laid out website, informative and easy to follow. Seip EKR1MCG 24v radio receiver upgrade kit purchased for a Henderson door operator. Overnight delivery - even to Jersey, without the usual electronic equivalent of tooth sucking. And the items - replacement controls for an antiquated Henderson door - fitted in a jiffy. Couldn't be bettered.

visitor_name: Bluffield, Hertfordshire
Date: 09/07/2010

I ordered a Seip EKR1MCT remote control upgrade kit for use with my Hormann door operator. Excellent service over the phone regarding the wiring details, the new receiver & keyfobs etc. were very quickly despatched, and very simple and quick to install.

visitor_name: Peter K, Essex
Date: 30/06/2010

Wow what a service, I ordered a Seip EKR1MCG remote control upgrade kit at about 11.30am previous day and the goods arrived by 10.30am, all fitted and installed by 10.45am very clear instructions even I could do it (but I didn't my husband did it) All the comments before me say it all, wonderful.

visitor_name: V Tonner, Cumbernauld, Scotland
Date: 08/05/2010

Great service, I purchased a Seip EKR1MCG radio receiver upgrade kit for a Henderson 880 garage door operator. The goods arrived within 24 hours. Installed within 5 minutes, working perfectly.

visitor_name: D Noble - Wetherby
Date: 01/05/2010

Replacement Seip receiver, keypad and remotes were ordered for my Hormann door operator on Friday, despatch notification was received shortly afterwards and everything was delivered on the Sat morning.  Fitting the new Seip receiver and the keypad was extremely straight forward and everything worked exactly as described. First class service from a First class company. Regards Derek

visitor_name: David, Hurstpierpoint, Sussex.
Date: 04/04/2010

Congratulations, Amourelle, on finding a niche in the market and filling it so perfectly. The remote door opener for my Henderson 880 deluxe door system retired after 20 odd years, and your Seip remote control upgrade replacement works perfectly, and, even more important, genuinely did only take the 5 minutes to install that your website promised. We are delighted. Many thanks.

visitor_name: John D, Dollar, Scotland
Date: 02/04/2010

I ordered a Seip radio remote control receiver upgrade for my garage door yesterday afternoon from Amourelle. The goods were delivered early afternoon today and the kit is now installed and working. Less than 24 hours from order to operation - almost faster than the shops.  I am seriously impressed with your customer service and the product works exactly as advertised. Well done - and best wishes for every success in your business - you deserve it. John Dalgety.

visitor_name: Roger S, Eastbourne, E. Sussex.
Date: 26/03/2010

I ordered a Seip EKR1MCG receiver upgrade kit for my Henderson Duo door operator yesterday and have just finished installing it in about 10 minutes after receiving it in this mornings post. The fitting was simple with help from the photo and instructions on the web site. I spoke to Amourelle before ordering it on line to check that it would be compatible with my door opener and they could not have been more helpful. Fully recommend this product!

visitor_name: Rick K, Isle of Man
Date: 23/03/2010

I ordered a Seip EKR1MCG radio receiver and keyfob upgrade having tried to obtain a spare Alltronik 27 MHz remote for my Henderson door operator - I was quoted 287 pounds for this!!!. Then I surfed the web and found Amourelle. Quick call to check on the spec...then ordered on-line at around 2.00 pm - delivered next day - fitted whilst supper was being made. Tested!! - and okay. Now I can ride up with the door already opened for me.  Thanks alot - great product and delivery to the Isle of Man.

visitor_name: M. North, West Yorkshire
Date: 01/03/2010

When both remote controls for my Bosch electric garage door stopped working I contacted a number of local garage door repair companies, non of whom were interested in repairing it. A search on the web found a couple of German sites where the same fault as mine had been identified and discussed and in all cases it was the now obsolete receiver that was faulty. I was therefore potentially faced with either replacing the whole electric door operator system (approximate cost 500+) or doing without the remote capability. Then I came across the Amourelle web site and decided to order a Seip EKR1MCT with 2 remote keyfob transmitters and a wall mounted switch (WSW-3B). The products were promptly delivered and after only a few minutes work I now have remote controlled garage door again! It really was very easy to fit, and gave me a 350+ saving on buying a new electric door mechanism. A great product with excellent customer service. Recommended.

visitor_name: Cliff, Glos.
Date: 28/01/2010

Impressed with the web site and detailed instructions etc. I ordered the Seip EKR1MCG remote control system as a replacement for my Comfort 250 door opener.  The products was delivered in 2 days, even with the screw driver! Great! Fitting however, is only simple on the Comfort 250 when you know how! You need to pull the terminal block off out of the housing to get at the screws then plug it back in. Took me nearly 45mins (including removing all the covers) to figure that out. If that had been on the instructions it would have taken less then 5 mins. Great product! Thanks

Response from Amourelle:
Many Thanks for the feedback.
Your comment regarding the removable plug is appreciated and the following note has been added to our website: Some Marantec models such as the Comfort 250 have a detachable 3 pin terminal block which can be un-plugged to provide easy access to the terminal screws

visitor_name: Chris, Billericay, Essex
Date: 10/01/2010

I am writing further to my recent order to thank you for the incredibly easy upgrade of my old Wessex Liftboy Telectron remote system to the new Seip EKR1MCG system.  Although you have many claims on your website stating how easy the process is, these jobs never prove that simple when I get involved(!) but it genuinely was a 5 minute job - everything worked first time. Also, the range of the transmitter is so much greater than the old one. I can literally press the button as I come into my road and the garage door is already open by the time I come on to the driveway. The product seems well put together too - the mini remote in particular feels much more sturdy even than my car remote.  Your service and website are fantastic - I was able to work out exactly what I needed from the images and notes you provide and delivery was prompt, despite the horrendous weather recently.  Thank you once again.

visitor_name: Alan - Kent
Date: 05/01/2010

I ordered 2 Seip EKR1MCG upgrade receivers & keyfob transmitters for my Challenger garage door operators and received them within 24 hours of ordering.  I am no great electrician, but even I found the simple to install.  The product was as easy to fit as per the instructions. One of the first true instructions I have been able to follow without difficulty - excellent.  The queries I had were answered rapidly and in a comprehensible and full manner - thanks Nick. I would recommend this product and the Company to any one who needs to upgrade their remote control garage door fob and receiver. Thanks once again for making life simple!!!

visitor_name: Paul G, Winchester, Hants.
Date: 21/11/2009

I have never written to a supplier to praise them before, but I have been so impressed with the service from Amourelle and the simplicity of fitting the device, (a Seip EKR1MCG remote control upgrade kit) that I am moved to do so. I was a little apprehensive about my order but reassured by the feedback comments on the website I ordered the product on Thursday afternoon, it arrived the next day and, as advised, it was fitted and working in less than 5 minutes. How lovely to get rid of the large Catmatic remote controller from the car. The irony is that my last car had a garage door opener button which would not work with the Catmatic but I sold the car on the Friday!!

name: Jack P, Epsom, Surrey
Date: 10/11/2009

I am delighted with the Seip EKR1MCT remote control upgrade kit I ordered for my Chamberlain garage door opener. I installed the device myself, (I am 78) and the product arrived exactly as you said it would, Next Day before 1.00pm.  The web site worked well. Congratulations. - Jack.

name: Paul, Reading, Berkshire
Date: 04/11/2009

I am writing to register my sincere thanks for the prompt and efficient response to my order for Seip upgrade receivers and Midi keyfob transmitters to operate my Slavedor electrically operated garage doors. It was a matter of a couple of hours or so from on-line ordering to completion of fitting and full operation of the doors, thanks to the close proximity of your service van to my address at the time of ordering and having the small business flexibility to deliver the components so quickly. It was also such a neat solution for overcoming a malfunction of the now-obsolete Slavedor hand-held transmitters. I will certainly be recommending Amourelle to my neighbours who also have Slavedor mechanisms.

name: Kim - Lancing West Sussex
Date: 18/10/2009

We have a Marantec Comfort 250 electric garage door opener with 418Mhz remotes and they both needed replacing but as they are no longer available from Marantec we ordered a Seip EKR1MCG remote control upgrade kit on Friday and it was with us on the Saturday morning!   It took my partner 5 minutes to fit and worked perfectly!  I cannot recommend this company enough. The instructions and information provided was very helpful and the price was very good.

name: John - Ross-on-Wye, Herefordshire
Date: 09/10/2009

Amourelle provided the best advice and buying experience I have ever had, with Nick guiding me through deciding upon a Seip EKR1MCG remote control upgrade receiver & keyfob remotes. Fitted and worked first time - even with my big fingers and small wires.

name: Paul B - Arundel, West Sussex.
Date: 09/08/2009

Thank you for the prompt dispatch - I ordered a Seip EKR1MCG 24v radio receiver upgrade kit for my Garamatic door operator, the items came the next day!  It took five minutes maximum to fit and worked first time - thanks - Nine months of inconvenience fixed so quickly.

name: Mike F, Surrey
Date:     02/07/2009

Extremely helpful advice and rapid delivery. It took longer to get the cars out of the garage than it did to fit the new Seip remote control receivers to my Liftboy garage door operators. This company deserves to do well. Thanks

name: Bev H, Kent
Date:     01/06/2009

Thank you for the speedy delivery of the Seip EKR1MCG receiver and mini fobs, everything as promised on the website. Excellent product and even better fitting instructions. I never do anything that involves DIY but I was so encouraged by the clear instructions that I removed the old receiver and fitted your new one in less than five minutes and it worked first time!!!! Thank you.

name: David P, Meriden, West Midlands
Date:          07/01/2009

Four years ago, I ordered a Seip remote control receiver unit and two keyfobs as a replacement for a Wessex Lift-Boy motorised garage door.  I was extremely impressed with the ease of use of the very informative website, and the speed of delivery.  Equally impressed with the simplicity of installation which really did take less than five minutes.  This week, having 'lost' the keyfob transmitters I placed a repeat order and was delighted that the level of service and speed of delivery had not diminished in any way.  I have never taken the trouble to leave feedback before, but on this occasion, as your service has surpassed my most optimistic expectations on both occasions, I felt compelled to congratulate and thank you.  Needless to say, I would recommend you to others without hesitation!

name: Paul,  Bristol.
Date:          02/12/2008

I fitted a Seip EKR1MCG receiver upgrade kit to my Marantec comfort 250.  Simple installation and it worked perfectly straight away.  Superb service from Amourelle - buy with confidence.
Paul,  Bristol.

name: Roger B -   East Yorkshire
Date:          03/11/2008

My upgrade from the now defunct Marantec 418Mhz remotes to Seip 433Mhz 'does exactly what it says on the (website) tin!' Add rapid free delivery, easy installation and super mini key-fob controls and you have a very satisfied customer.

name: David - York.
Date:         26/08/2008

Having purchased a new car with the HomeLink built-in remote system I was disappointed to find my Seceuroglide doors were not compatible....  A quick internet search and I found Nick at Amourelle who was very helpful and pointed me in the direction of a couple of Seip radio receivers and a mini key fob.  Quick posting and a few minutes installation (really was simple with the on-line instructions and diagram) and I can now operate both garage doors from the comfort of my car. Great customer service. Thanks

name: Carolyn, East Ewell, Surrey.
Date:         14/08/2008

I bought our Seip EKR1MCG receiver unit to replace the old, discontinued Stanley receiver unit of which I lost both remote transmitters!! My email enquiries were answered very promptly and the replies were very helpful. I have only just plucked up the courage to fit the new unit as usually 'simple' things inevitably result in difficulties. However, it really was the easiest transmitter to  fit, and took only a few minutes; just as the description said!

name:   Pinder K, West Midlands, 
Date:   05/07/2008

I received the Seip EKR1MCG and midi-remote within a week and it took me a mere 5 mins to install and operate. Saved 50 by doing it myself. Its really cool, as I can open the garage door before even getting into my road now. Instructions were very helpful and right to the point. My former system was a Birtley/Henderson system with bulky receiver and remote. Thanks for all your help!

name:   Chris, Preston, Lancs.
Date:   28/06/2008

I bought a Seip EKR1MCG remote control receiver upgrade kit on Thursday afternoon, It arrived on Friday before 1pm. Great product! and an absolute doddle to fit. Also bought midi and mini remote controls. Can now drive up and open the garage door as I'm coming into the street.   Brilliant company, brilliant product!  Get rid of your old Wessex Liftboy Brick of a remote control!

name:   John,  West Sussex
Date:   23/04/2008

Superb website with excellent information, friendly, helpful telephone advice.
I ordered a Seip EKR1MCG upgrade kit mid-day and it was delivered next morning. Clear instructions provided for fitting.  Handset's pre-programmed & ready to use. Who could want more from a dealer? Fantastic service!

name:   Philippe, Paris - France
Date:   14/04/2008

I received my EKR1MCG receiver today along with three mini-transmitters. Wiring it to my Hormann Supramatic door operator was done in 3 mins, with help from the website pictures. It now works perfectly.  Great stuff ! Cheers, Philippe

name:   Deirdre P ... Suffolk UK
Date:   01/04/2008

Mine took seven minutes for me to fit...couldn't reach, I had to find the step-ladder! Works even better than the old one...less bulky too!  Very pleased with the quick delivery. Thanks!

name: Tony C, Norwich, Norfolk.

I have just received and fitted (in 5 mins!) your Seip EKR1MCG 433Mhz receiver & keyfob transmitter kit to my Henderson garage door operator.  Just amazing.  So simple to fit, already pre-programmed so instantly ready for use, and good range. Excellent delivery time of 24 hours. Delighted. thank you.

name: Richard T, FRAeS Fareham, Hampshire
Date: 03/10/2007
6 months have past since I installed the Seip remote control replacement for my worn out Henderson system. Its operation has proved faultless since the day I installed it. Not only is it a very price competitive product, its installation is straightforward with clear precise instructions, the product performs well, the size of the remote is small and it is easy to use and most importantly Amourelle supplied the system immediately on receipt of my order. What more could a customer ask of its supplier?

name: Ian R, Tadley Hants.
Date: 10/08/2007
I installed a Seip remote control receiver upgrade kit to my current Catmatic garage door operator in 5 minutes and it worked first time.  Excellent

name: Kevin,  Jersey, Channel Islands
Date: 14/07/2007
Just received a Seip EKR1MCT receiver upgrade kit today to replace my broken remote control on old remote system.  Fitted it in approx 10 mins. (including making up an extension lead for the mains cord) and it works perfectly. Thanks to Nick & all at Amourelle for the excellent advice & service.

name: Mike P, Southampton
Date: 13/07/2007
Couldn't have been better, I ordered a Seip EKR1MCG upgrade kit on Monday delivered Tuesday morning and working perfectly 5 minutes later !   I have a 30 year old mechanism and the pre-sales advice was invaluable.

name: Ben S, Scotland
Date: 29/06/2007
Thank you for your helpful advice on replacing the broken and obsolete receiver on my Hormann model GTO50 garage door opener. I can confirm that your Seip EKR1MCT upgrade kit worked immediately when connected as described and the whole installation took less than 10 minutes. Brilliant!

name: David, Bedfordshire
Date: 21/05/2007
Thank you very much. Easy as pie. Installation took less than 5 minutes even though the colours used on my 25 year old motor were not as described in the fitting instructions with the upgrade kit -  Excellent

name: Jane M. North Wales. UK
Date: 02/05/2007
We have just purchased a new Seip EKR1MCG remote control conversion kit for our garage door that has had a Henderson remote on it for 25 years. It took one day for the kit to arrive on our door step after ordering it on line, It came with full instructions and a screwdriver, only took 15 mins to fit , great that something's in life really are that easy. Well done

name: T. H. Inman, Preston, Lancs.
Date: 26/04/2007
I have a Slave-Dor 838 door opener and bought the Seip EKR1MCG upgrade to replace faulty old remote controls. Absolutely no problems fitting the Seip  upgrade kit.  The instructions were clear and the remote controls worked first time. I would recommend this product and the level of service I received.

name: Rita, West Yorkshire.
Date: 25/04/2007
Exceptionally fast service - ordered a Seip EKR1MCG upgrade kit late afternoon, arrived next morning by early post! Fitting consisted of just loosening 3 screws, pulling out old wiring, pushing in the 3 fork-style connectors behind the screws and tightening them back up again - less than 2 minutes. The hardest part was attaching the supplied little metal key ring to the mini key fob (bit fiddly!). After months of traipsing around the side of the garage to manually operate the door switch, I now have a fully working remote-controlled system again - oh joy!!

name: Peter V, Cheshire
Date: 22/04/2007
Many thanks for the quick response and delivery.  Also for the easy to understand instructions on how to fit the new receiver unit.

name: Peter W, Surrey.
Date: 08/03/2007
Great service. Speedy delivery of a key fob remote control upgrade for my Marantec garage door operator and easy fitting thanks to the first class instruction sheet.

name: Mr S. White, Northampton
Date: 03/02/2007
I am a very satisfied customer, I purchased a Seip EKR1MCG receiver upgrade kit, the product was instantly dispatched, arrived the next day and was very easy to install (took me 10 mins max) .. Thank you for an excellent service.  Mr S. White

name: Trevor W,  Camberley, Surrey.
Date: 30/01/2007
Before I found your website through Google I was wondering how I was going to continue operating my Stanley garage door opener as the original grey transmitters (no longer available) were on their last legs. Fitting your Seip receiver upgrade kit has solved the problem admirably and at a very good price. Moreover it was as easy and quick to fit as you claimed. Thank you very much.

name: Gil N. Swindon, Wilts.
Date: 09/01/2007
I placed my order using your website at 4pm and the goods were delivered next day at 8am. Brilliant service! The Seip replacement receiver upgrade kit for the original Wessex Liftboy Receiver system is a quality product. It really did take just 2 minutes to install and has minimal range reduction when installed in parallel with the original system and both systems work perfectly. It has provided a cost effective solution for providing additional keyfobs when the original system is obsolete. Thanks.
name: Steve D. North East Scotland
Date: 24/12/2006
Possibly the worlds first plug and play product !! Easy installation, no fiddly setup required. I took about 3 minutes flat to get it up and running and I'm very impressed. The mini zapper fitted on my car key ring is great and I took the larger zapper and wall mounting bracket for in the garage very satisfied with the lot.

name: Dave R, Sheffield
Date: 28/10/2006
I upgraded my 16 year old Henderson 880 deluxe remotes with the Seip EKR1MCT 230v mains powered receiver system. I was well impressed. It arrived within 2 days. I had it working first time within 30 minutes. Money well spent glad to get rid of the old house brick type remotes. definitely recommended.

name: Simon, Durham
Date: 13/09/2006

I Bought a Seip EKR1MCG 24 volt receiver/keyfob kit to update my Hormann Ecomatic garage door operator.  I have to say the fitting was extremely easy and genuinely <5min from start to finish.  Pre-sales technical support was impressive & faultless.  The Seip mini keyfob remotes are also much nicer (& smaller) than the Hormann ones.  Buy with confidence!

name: John C, Ormskirk Lancashire
Date: 18/08/2006
I lost the remote control for a very old Apex 375 garage door operator, with the original Apex remote controls no longer available I was told by a local company I would have to fit a complete new electric operator system at a cost of 465.    I sent an email to Amourelle to ask for advice, seconds later I had a reply and my answer. Nick at Amourelle recommended the Seip EKR1MCT 230v mains powered receiver upgrade kit, well it done what it says on the side of the tin and at a fraction of the cost of a new system.  Very simple to install, even my 85 year old gran could have fitted it. So dont waste your time looking around anymore, go to the experts Amourelle excellent product, excellent service and an excellent price. Thank you Amourelle.

name: Robin, Surrey
Date: 13/08/2006
Nick,  Thanks for the prompt despatch of the SEIP EKR1MCT 230v mains powered receiver and keyfobs which I ordered late on Thursday afternoon and then was acknowledged by email in less than an hour and a despatch notification issued inside another hour.   The kit arrived by post on Saturday morning and I fitted it on Saturday afternoon in between watching sport on TV. The kit is surprisingly compact compared to the 'bricks' it was replacing. The wiring was quite straightforward for a non expert.  The website was great in identifying a solution to my long running problem of replacing a 30 year old receiver which I had long given up on getting repaired. Being able to ring you to discuss my old Moore-O-Matic operator before ordering gave me the confidence to go ahead.

name: John N, Buckinghamshire
Date: 16/04/2005
I replaced my 20 year old garage door remote control system with a Seip EKR1MCG transmitter/receiver upgrade kit. The entire process, including a trial installation to ensure it was compatible with my very old kit, took 20 minutes. Quick delivery and clear, accurate instructions: what more can one ask?

name: Cyril W, Manchester
Date: 29/03/2005
Well I have done it !  It took me longer than others to install the Seip EKR1MCT remote control upgrade kit to my roller door because of my poor eyesight and lack of confidence. But to my surprise it worked first time. I phoned for advice - more for reassurance than necessity. It was consoling to know that someone at the other end of the line knew what was required.

name: Matt J - Godalming, Surrey
Date: 19/03/2005
Superb service start to finish - from the initial phone call my mind was put at rest as to what needed to be done. - I ordered a Seip EKR1MCG receiver & keyfob upgrade kit for my Stanley garage door operator online and the goods arrived within 48 hours...  my garage door was working again within 5 minutes and the remotes work superb. Great simple instructions, quality service, superb staff.  Many Thanks

name: Mike, Brighton, Sussex.
Date: 06/03/2005
Dear Sir/Madam, I just want to take this time to thank-you for a great service and easy installation of your Seip EKR1MCG remote control upgrade product. I ordered the kit with some mini-keyfobs late Wednesday afternoon and I received it first thing Friday morning. I had it fitted within 5 minutes and it felt as though I had a brand new system installed! Thank-you and I will definitely recommend your company! Many Regards, Mike

name: Liz W
Date: 24/02/2005
Ordered a Seip EKR1MCG remote control receiver & keyfob upgrade kit for my Slave-Dor garage door operator on Tuesday at 4.30p.m., it was delivered on Thursday 9.30a.m. fitted by myself and working by 10.30. Great. Thank You so much. Very efficient.

name: Trevor B, Rickmansworth
Date:  04/02/2005
Seip EKR1MCG remote control receiver was simple to install, works well and the key fob remote is surprisingly small and efficient.

name: C.H.C. Gore, Glasgow
Date: 03/02/2005
Looked at one or two 'universal' replacement door remote controls, but found that when the specification was gone into they were not 'universal'.  However the Seip EKR1MCT appeared to fit my requirements, and when it arrived it was, indeed, as easy to install as was claimed, and worked first time. I am delighted to have my garage door operator working again.

name: Ludovic S - Denmark
Date: 17/01/2005
Great product - Easy to install - work perfectly.

name: Ken D - Ewhurst, Surrey
Date: 09/01/2005
A pair of Seip EKR1MCG remote control upgrade kits ordered 4.15pm Friday, delivered 8.30am Saturday, fitted within a few minutes and both doors up and running within 18 hours of ordering! Fantastic service, even the keyfobs had already been programmed and units labelled for left and right hand doors. Thank you for your helpful advise on the telephone.

Date: 14/12/2004
name: Frank W, Broadstairs, Kent
Date: 03/11/2004
How the Heck do you do it. I ordered a Seip EKR1MCG remote control receiver & keyfob upgrade kit at 4-15 pm. on Tuesday 2nd Oct. and it arrived 9-15 am. the next morning, with free postage. I was fitted in 2 minutes. It took longer to open the package. FANTASTIC and many thanks

name: Gareth D, Kent
Date: 14/11/2004
Anyone even considering a Seip EKR1MCG remote control receiver kit: The equipment works easily - its installation takes literally 5 minutes. But if you've little electrical knowledge, like me, consider the back-up service you get!  Anything you need to know, any time, the craziest of problems, this company is at the end of an e-mail. This has been the best service I have received for a product like this literally for years - USE THEM !!! THEY'RE THE BEST!!!

name: K. Smith, Northampton
Date: 08/11/2004
Placed the order on the Friday received the parts the following morning. Thanks for your excellent service and technical support; Second to none!

name: E. Logue, Leicestershire
Date: 21/10/2004
Incredibly fast delivery - I ordered a Seip EKR1MCG receiver upgrade kit for my Slave-Dor garage door motor at 4PM on Tuesday afternoon, I received it Wednesday 9AM and installed it very easily - fantastic range - really happy - many thanks!!

name: Simon C, York
Date: 10/09/2004
What a great service! Ordered a Seip EKR1MCG receiver kit on Thursday, delivered on Friday, and fitted in less than 5 minutes. The instructions are crystal clear. A quality company to deal with, and a quality product. Thanks Amourelle!

name: Steve S, Suffolk
Date: 20/08/2004
I spoke to the office on Wednesday morning they gave me the advice I needed. I ordered a Seip EKR1MCG upgrade kit for my electric operator on Wednesday afternoon and it arrived on Thursday morning. Clear fitting instructions, fitted it Thursday afternoon and it took less than 5 mins. It is very pleasing to deal with a company who say what they do and then do exactly as they say! Thanks.

name: Bob C. Staffordshire.
Date: 16/08/2004
What can I say? - ABSOLUTELY SUPERB!! Excellent product, spot on friendly advice, delivered within 24hours, (ordered Sunday and arrived Monday morning) and fitted in 5 minutes. A refreshing change to deal with a quality firm. Many thanks.

name: P. A. Crosby, Preston, Lancashire.
Date: 07/08/2004
I've just purchased a Seip EKR1MCG radio system upgrade kit.   A quantum leap from my old Sellotaped Telectron system. Ordered at 13.45 Friday arrived 09.45 next day. Fitting time 4 minutes. Brilliant in all respects . Many thanks .

name: R. Howe, Stirlingshire
Date: 03/07/2004
Delivery was exactly as stated (i.e. next day). My only criticism is that the instructions do not mention which terminals to connect on a Moore-O-Matic model, but I soon worked it out with the aid of the picture on the web site. After this it only took 5 minutes to install and then it worked perfectly. As other reviewers have said, the range is excellent.

name: Luke S - Suffolk
Date: 02/06/2004
When your site says it is easy to install, obviously I was with suspicion when I ordered one - How wrong could I be - Many thanks for an excellent product, and unbelievably easy to install !!! (also about 10 times the range of my old transmitter !)

name: Paul - Dorset
Date: 13/04/2004
Excellent service. Ordered the Seip EKR1MCG remote control on line and received the next day. The fitting instructions were clear and the unit was installed and operational in 10 minutes. The unit works perfectly.

name: Pushkar, Buckinghamshire
Date: 11/04/2004
I phoned before I bought and was reassured that the equipment was simple to install. This was no understatement. Very straightforward upgrade for Stanley garage motor remote control. The transmitter is tiny and comes as a keyfob. Definitely recommend it.

name: Gordon S, Carlisle, Cumbria
Date: 10/04/2004
erfect - Arrived next day, easy to fit and works like a dream.
name: Dave F, Folkestone, Kent
Date: 10/04/2004
Very good value. If I can fit it, anyone can...and I did!

name: Gordon B, Sevenoaks, Kent
Date: 10/04/2004
I said to the wife I will have it all done (2 controls) in half an hour, and it turned out to be less than that. It worked as well. The fact you had programmed it for me made my life a lot simpler. I got loads of 'Brownie Points.' The only thing that went wrong was that I twisted my ankle when I fell off the rickety chair I was standing on. This product is 60 times smaller than my old remote which means I can buy smaller trousers!!!!

name: John H, Hemel Hempstead, Herts.
Date: 09/04/2004
Great service very helpful, fitted in 5 minutes took longer too drink my cup of tea, customer very happy

name: Robert J, Thatcham, West Berkshire.
Date: 09/04/2004
Very easy to fit.  The mini keyfob remote control is a treat after the original bulky model.

name: Dr T A Towers, Redcar & Cleveland 
Date: 09/04/2004
This product is excellent and works significantly better than my original remote control system. A major improvement is that you cannot catch the 'down button' accidentally and close the door whilst someone is coming out of the garage. That saves its purchase price straight away!!!

name: Tim M, Wimbledon
Date: 09/04/2004
Great service and the Seip EKR1MCG kit is an excellent product. Very easy to fit and works perfectly.

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