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Garage door manufacturers name:

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(the manufacturers name is normally printed on the handle or on a label on the rear of the door)
I have identified my existing garage door type as a:
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Horizontally tracked slide-away type
one-piece up & over door

These doors have guide rollers at the top corners of the door which travel back along horizontal tracks into the garage as the door opens with springs attached to balance arms mounted at the sides

door-r.jpg (7260 bytes)


Vertically tracked or 'canopy' type
one-piece up & over door

One third of a 'canopy' type door protrudes from the frame when fully open.  Most canopy doors have an overhead spring that supports the door by wire cables connected to rollers that run up & down vertical tracks behind the door-frame uprights, some have the springs concealed inside a steel door-frame
(see Garador type 'F')

door-c.jpg (7191 bytes)


Inward turning type one-piece up & over door

This very rare type of door does not protrude beyond the frame when opening, these doors have similar support arrangements to the canopy type above but some examples have both vertical and horizontal tracks



Sectional type up & over door

These doors consist of four our five horizontal hinged panels with side mounted guide rollers which follow a track up the door frame, round a curve and back into the garage.

door-s.jpg (6221 bytes)



Pair of traditional side hinged 'barn doors'

Our side hung door automation equipment
is suitable for outward opening doors only

oak-barn.jpg (8172 bytes)

The door is constructed from:

G.R.P. (fibreglass)

The approximate age of my door is:

less than five years
five years
ten years
twenty years
thirty years

The approximate width of the frame aperture is:

7'0" or less
7' 1" to 9' 0"
9' 1" to 12' 0"
12' 1" to 14' 0"
14' 1" to 15' 0"
15' 1" to 18' 0"
over 18' 0" wide

The approximate height of the door frame aperture is:

6' 6"
7' 0"
7' 6"
8' 0"
over 8' 0"

The door frame is constructed from:

Timber or G.R.P

Mechanical condition of existing door:

In good working order
Requires some attention
(please specify)

Quantity of doors to be automated: 

One door (or one pair if side hinged type)
Two doors
Three doors or more

I  would like to add remote control to my existing door on a Supply Only D.I.Y. Basis and would like further details together with a list of materials with a total price to include mainland UK delivery
(Note: we don't export automation equipment overseas)

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